Travel and Thrombosis

Planning on travelling overseas this coming holiday season? Don’t forget to pack your compression socks to avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).


What is DVT?

DVT happens when a blood clot forms in a deep vein somewhere in the body. It is most common in the deep veins of your lower leg (calf), and can be very serious.

There is evidence that long-haul flights (lasting over four hours or over 4000 kms) can increase your risk of developing DVT. The risk is mainly the result of sitting down for long periods of time, which can happen during any form of long-distance travel, whether by car, bus, train or air.



Many of the blood clots that cause DVT are small and don’t produce any symptoms. Your body will usually be able to gradually break them down with no long-term effects.

Larger clots can partly or completely block the blood flow in your vein and cause symptoms such as:

  • Swelling of the affected leg.
  • Pain and tenderness in the affected leg
  • Difficulty standing and weight bearing on the affected leg.
  • A change in the colour of your skin; for example, redness
  • Skin that feels warm or hot to the touch.

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Have you noticed the amount of luscious and groomed moustaches making an appearance on men’s faces around your hometown this November? These “moed-up” Men might be taking part in “Movember”, which is a men’s health initiative that helps to raise money to support Men’s Health on a global scale..

This annual charity event takes place across the month of November. It encourages men to grow a moustache, to help raise funds and awareness for men’s health projects.

Movember targets the most prominent health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

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Melbourne Cup 2017- Jon Snow ruled out due to leg injury

New Zealand-trained stayer Jon Snow has been ruled out of the Melbourne Cup following a veterinary examination on Saturday which was required due to an ongoing leg injury.

His left foreleg, which was injured during last month’s Caulfield Cup, was graded two for soreness on a scale of one to five by veterinarians. This concludes that Jon Snow is been found to be lame, and is not be permitted to accept for the Melbourne Cup by The Victorian Racing Club Committee.

This decision means that New Zealanders will not get the chance to cheer on a Kiwi-trained runner in tomorrow’s Melbourne Cup- and this has caused immediate controversy.

Trainers, Murray Baker and Andrew Forsman are disappointed with the decision that Jon Snow can not run in the A$6.2 million race.They believe that there is “nothing wrong with the star stayer.”

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Lakemba Medical Imaging- OPENING MONDAY, OCTOBER 30th

We are proud to announce that our new practice Lakemba Medical Imaging will be officially opening this Monday, October 30th at 8am.

Our services include:

  • X-ray
  • CT
  • OPG and Lat Ceph
  • Mammography
  • Ultrasound Imaging


Location: 2-26 Haldon Street, Lakemba


Phone: 9198 7600

Fax: 9198 7611


Monday to Friday

8am – 5.30pm

Parking is available within the Woolworths complex on site