School Holiday Activities

With school holidays around the corner and Sydney’s sunshine starting to warm up our streets, it is understandable that children all over the country are going to be increasing their activity over the next few weeks. As as result, keeping your children injury free may require extra parental supervision.

During the last school break, trampoline injuries were high on the list of NSW Ambulance call-outs for accidents involving children. As a result, parents are being encouraged to supervise their jumping children at all times and to ensure that their trampolines are not placed next to a fence or any other structure.

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The Painful Truth- Running Injuries

With the Sydney Running Festival happening this weekend (September 17th, 2017) and with Summer just around the corner, people all over Sydney have started to emerge from their Winter hibernation and will either be getting fit or, potentially injured this Spring.

Running has many health benefits and because of this is one of the most popular fitness activities worldwide. However, getting fit for Summer might lead to an unwanted lower limb injury if pain is ignored, which can create more harm than good to our much wanted beach bods.

The most common injuries which occur from running include: Blisters, Plantar Fasciitis, Runner’s knee (IlioTibial Band Friction Syndrome) and Shin Splints- all of which require the correct diagnosis to ensure that rehabilitation is done correctly and that time off the concrete is limited.

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Celebrate Sydney’s diversity

Sydney’s population is continuously on the increase, and so is our diversity

The Western Sydney Parklands Food Fest is on again this Saturday, September 9th and helps to celebrate our wide range of cultures.

The free community event, now in its sixth year, celebrates Sydney’s vast array of cultures and  will include 50 food stalls- ranging from Italian to Vietnamese, Egyptian and Lebanese.

The City of Sydney’s language statistics show that nearly 40 per cent of Sydneysiders speak a non-English language at home.

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Guitar & Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Unfortunately, many guitarists, find themselves developing pain in various parts of the body due to their commitment to practicing guitar. This pain can develop into a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), also known as Overuse Injury.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is an injury of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression (pressing against hard surfaces), or sustained or awkward positions.

The 5 most common guitar related hand injuries are:

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Daffodil Day – fighting cancer

In Australia today, there are more than 1.1 million people either living with cancer or who’ve survived a diagnosis.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a diverse group of several hundred diseases in which some of the body’s cells become abnormal and begin to multiply out of control. The abnormal cells can invade and damage the tissue around them, and spread to other parts of the body, causing further damage and eventually death.

How is Cancer Diagnosed?

There is no single test that can accurately diagnose cancer. The complete evaluation of a patient usually requires a thorough history and physical examination along with diagnostic testing through medical imaging.

How does Medical Imaging help in cancer diagnosis and treatment?

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